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Central Valley growers trust our attorneys to know their business and expertly address related legal needs.

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Ag Corporate Law

Local and national agriculture businesses rely on us for a wide range of services. Our agribusiness clients reflect the rich diversity of the population and agriculture of our region as well as the global scope of their reach. Our clients include the world’s largest prune grower, the fourth-largest seed producer in the world, two top-20 USA wine companies, an international commodities company, regional cooperatives, family wineries, orchard developers, rice growers, tomato growers and solar farms.

Ag Labor Law

Growers, ranchers, winemakers, milling operators, feed manufacturers and distributers have employment law issues that are unique to agribusiness and require employment law advice from a team experienced within the industry. Our Labor and Employment Group is amongst the largest in the Sacramento region. We are experts in traditional labor and employment law. We counsel clients in their interactions with the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board, DLSE, and DFEH

"Agriculture is an industry that’s integral to our region. The companies are sophisticated and often have global reach, and the people that make up the companies are hard workers who are always thinking about the next generation."


Estate Planning & Tax Succession

We can help you determine who in the next generation will lead your business into the future, while ensuring fair treatment and compensation for all family members. We’ve worked diligently to earn the trust of farmers up and down the valley.

Ag Real Estate

Our expert legal team can facilitate agricultural transactions. From one acre to tens of thousands, we ensure every aspect of the sale or acquisition is fair, complete, and final. We also oversee the creation of leases, and have decades of expertise in such areas as conservation easements and mitigation banks.

Ag Litigation

Our litigators have a broad understanding of the unique relationships that exist in agribusiness and how that interplay often factors into whether disputes lead to the courtroom or get resolved. It’s why California rice growers, commodities companies, farmers and property owners continue to choose Boutin Jones to help resolve their disputes.