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Gray Line

We are the legal experts, representing commercial clients of all sizes in all types of business matters in the greater Sacramento region and beyond.

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The Company We Keep

We’re known for being the go-to business law firm in Sacramento. We’ve earned that reputation by helping leading businesses successfully navigate their biggest opportunities and challenges. We listen to our clients and help them reach their goals. We do so efficiently and with purpose. We measure success by our clients’ satisfaction, not by the number of offices we have. Bigger can sometimes be better, but not when it comes to legal bills. That fact is not lost on our lawyers, a number of whom joined us after being partners at national and international law firms.

For business law and the areas that intersect—real estate, employment, litigation, tax, protection and transfer of wealth, and more—we stand ready to guide businesses.

We’re the law firm that other organizations choose to partner with—for cutting edge tax strategies for business and real estate we work alongside Weller Partners LLP, and for governmental relations and lobbying services we turn to Clear Advocacy, LLC. In those instances where clients have legal needs in states other than California on matter types that we’re not best positioned to address, we’re one of only two California firms selected to be part of the SCG Legal network with member firms throughout the United States and in capital cities and commercial centers throughout the world.

The Heart of California

We’re in the heart of California, at the unique intersection of farming and biotech, development and medicine, education and entrepreneurship. We’re located at the center of government for the most populous state in the country with one of the largest economies in the world. We’ve seen, firsthand, the region grow over the years, from a growing downtown core (in both size and sophistication) to the expansion of a metropolitan area that climbs to the Sierra foothills and down the San Joaquin Valley, and we’re playing a leading role in helping it unfold.

Working Here

We enjoy working together and support one another. Annually nominated as one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, associates who join our firm often say they are surprised that the reality of our workplace “lives up to its hype.” We maintain a respectful, supportive work environment where intellect, creativity, and compassion are highly valued. We have a low rate of turnover, and a high level of satisfaction, two things we’re very proud of.