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The shareholders, associates, and counsels of Boutin Jones provide insight into the legal matters most pertinent to the members of our California business community.

CCPA Blog Series: Post No. 1—Introducing the CCPA

The CCPA is a hot topic among California businesses, but you may be wondering exactly what it…

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You Want To Scrape My What?!?! Public LinkedIn User Profile Data Can Be Gathered And Used By Third Parties

Who controls access to user data available online such as LinkedIn profiles? In hiQ Labs, Inc. v….

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I’ve Been Waiting Seven Months for My Copyright Registration. Is My Creative Work at Risk of an Infringement Suit?

If your business involves creating generating creative expressions (like books, photographs, or even websites) you probably already…

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The Enhanced Civil Remedy that Every Litigator Needs to Know About

Every litigator should be aware of an enhanced civil remedy under one of California’s theft statutes, Penal…

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New Year, New Rule: Refining FRCP 23

Important amendments to Rule 23, the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure governing class actions, have been implemented…

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What Do You Mean I Have to Litigate There? Corporate Bylaws May Dictate the Forum of Intra-corporate Disputes

Corporate bylaws that require intra-corporate disputes to be resolved in a specific forum may be enforceable, even…

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What Happens in Mediation, Stays in Mediation

Mediation can be stressful enough for clients. A new law adds to that stress by requiring California…

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