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The shareholders, associates, and counsels of Boutin Jones provide insight into the legal matters most pertinent to the members of our California business community.

Watch Your Words: How to Preserve Your Right to Arbitrate

Today we bring you a cautionary tale on the importance of carefully drafting arbitration clauses in contracts….

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Looking Behind the Robe: Can You Disqualify Your Judge For Owning Stock?

Surprise! Judges are real people. They buy things like the rest of us. Sometimes they buy things…

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New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Outsmart Yourself!

This is the time of year many of us resolve, intentionally or otherwise, to better ourselves. Most…

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Every Day Is Cyber Monday When An LLC Dissolves

As shoppers around the country begin to queue for deep discounts on nearly everything under the sun,…

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But We Had An Agreement! When a Stipulation to Extend a Deadline Costs You Your Case

Parties and their attorneys often believe courts will bless their stipulations, especially when an agreement is merely…

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How to Avoid HEATED Endings to Business Relationships

Withdrawing from a long-standing business relationship can result in litigation and, sometimes, liability for the withdrawing party….

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BUYER BEWARE: There Are Consequences To Ignoring Your Inspection Report

Paying attention to small details is critical when purchasing a new home. It turns out it is…

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CCPA Update – Compliance Statistics After One Year of Enforcement and the AG’s “Consumer Privacy Tool”

In little more than a year since the California Attorney General’s Office began enforcing the state’s landmark…

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CCPA Blog Series: Post No. 4 We Barely Got to Know You: How Prop 24 Changed the CCPA

In our first three posts on the CCPA, we discussed how its data privacy provisions might affect…

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