Attorney Sofia Schersei Joins Boutin Jones Employment Law and Litigation Group

October 31, 2023 |


Attorney Sofia Schersei has joined the Boutin Jones employment law team where she will advise clients on employment law and represent them in litigation. A former Director of Operations who was responsible for Human Resources, Sofia brings the perspective of someone not only informed of employment laws but of someone who has been responsible for working directly with employees to enact policy in the workplace—something that sets her apart and allows her to support organizations on a practical level. Her experience as an employment lawyer also includes having worked as an Attorney Investigator to conduct workplace investigations in response to allegations raised by employees. Through her employment investigation work, she successfully resolved complex and sensitive workplace issues that contributed to a positive work environment for both public and private sector employers. She is also an employment litigator who is prepared to use litigation as a tool on behalf of employees when other strategies have been exhausted.

Sofia has dedicated much of her free time to improving the community and supporting Afghan-Americans, immigrants, and first-generation students who are looking for ways to contribute positively to the region and as professionals. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of the McGeorge Law Review, President of the Middle Eastern South Asian Association, a former Member of the McGeorge Unity Caucus, and a former Diversity Chair of the Student Bar Association. Through efforts she’s spearheaded, she has helped students enter law school, and receive tuition scholarships and assistance while studying for the bar. In addition, Sofia is fluent in both German and Dari.