Month: June 2021

UPDATED Legal Alert: Cal/OSHA Revises COVID-19 ETS Regulations Made Effective Immediately via Executive Order

June 18, 2021
man holding mask

After some back and forth on the issue over the past few weeks, the California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board (“Cal/OSHA Board”) ultimately approved updated COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards regulations today (June 17, 2021) that significantly revise workplace safety standards initially implemented in November 2020.  Following the Cal/OSHA Board decision, Governor Gavin Newsom issued…

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Revenue Ruling 99-6 and Section 1031: Bob and Jon’s Excellent Adventure—Part II

June 7, 2021
spanish apartment house at night

Bob and Jon were the members of Apartment LLC, an LLC taxed as a partnership, with Bob owning a 40% membership interest and Jon owning a 60% membership interest. Apartment LLC owned a small apartment building as its only asset. Things were going well with the apartment building. One day Bob decided he would liquidate…

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