Month: November 2021

Every Day Is Cyber Monday When An LLC Dissolves

November 29, 2021

As shoppers around the country begin to queue for deep discounts on nearly everything under the sun, the California Court of Appeals wants you to know that those discounts can sometimes apply to the sale of minority interests in an LLC, too. When company interest holders decide that their best path forward is dissolution, they…

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Legal Alert – Federal Appeals Court Stays OSHA Vaccine Mandate Emergency Temporary Standards: Cal/OSHA Poised to Act

November 8, 2021

On November 4, 2021, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Organization (“OSHA”) issued its long-awaited rule mandating that large employers require employees to either be fully vaccinated or to undergo regular testing for COVID-19.  It was set to go into effect on December 4, 2021.  However, on November 6, 2021, the federal Fifth Circuit Court…

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California Registration and Taxation of Foreign Entities

November 4, 2021

Introduction. When must a foreign entity (i.e., a corporation, LLC, or limited partnership formed under the laws of another state) register with the California Secretary of State as a foreign entity doing business in California? As described below, the bar for this is actually set somewhat high. Does the same analysis also apply to the…

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