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Boutin Jones Welcomes New Shareholder

Jim McNairy has joined Boutin Jones as a new shareholder. Jim’s practice focuses on employment and business…

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California Supreme Court Decision on Documentary Transfer Tax

On June 29, 2017, the California Supreme Court held in 926 North Ardmore Avenue, LLC, v. County…

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LLCs Take Note: An Individual Who is Not a Manager or a Member Can Bind Your Company in Contract

In Western Surety Co. v. La Cumbre Office Partners, LLC, 8 Cal. App. 5th 125 (Cal. Ct….

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M & A Engagement Letters – Don’t Get Stung by the Success Fee

You’ve decided to sell your company, and you’ve engaged a financial advisor to find a buyer. The…

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Is Tax Reform Coming?

Tax reform is a real possibility in 2017 now that the Republicans control the U.S. Senate, the…

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Announcing New Shareholders

Bashar Ahmad, Jarrod Burch, and Kimberly Lucia

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Year End Reminders for Tax and Estate Planning

The last months of the year are often hectic and it is easy to overlook important deadlines….

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S Corporations and Buy-Sell Agreements: Avoiding the Inadvertent Creation of a Second Class of Stock

Buy-sell agreements are frequently used by shareholders of both S corporations and C corporations to facilitate the orderly…

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On January 1, 2017, Commercial Landlords to be Subject to Additional Disclosure Obligations Regarding Construction-Related Accessibility Standards

A new California law will soon impose additional disclosure obligations on commercial landlords. Existing law (California Civil…

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