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We only hire summer associates whom we expect will become full time associates. That makes our summer associate “offer rate” about as high as it gets. You won’t find extravagant summer associate entertainment or a high-profile summer program. Here is what we offer: attorneys who will take the time to get to know you and help you; ample opportunity to do high-caliber work; a diverse offering of practice area exposure; a stable work environment with a high probability of future employment; complimentary attendance at activities in the legal community; salary commensurate with local firms; and a lot of people who want to help you succeed.

Summer associates sit in on depositions, go to arbitrations and meet with clients. They have the ability to sample all of the practice areas within the firm and learn what area of law they want to pursue as a career.

Above all, Boutin summer associates get personal attention and form authentic professional relationships that are difficult to find at most firms.

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Alexander Crawford

"I was told I’d be doing more than just completing projects as a summer associate, I’d be getting an education. It was absolutely true. Shareholders took the time to teach concepts, give the backstory behind tasks and explain what an assignment means to the client. On top of that, everyone at the firm went out of their way to be nice."

Alexander Crawford

Former summer associate, current associate attorney at Boutin Jones