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Virtual or In-Person Appearances for Court Conferences and Hearings

Monthly Litigation Law Tip

As courts continue their work to clear the backlog of cases created by COVID-19 restrictions, litigants should carefully analyze each court’s and each judge’s preferences related to virtual or in-person appearances for court conferences and hearings. Trends suggest that in-person appearances may be on the rise.

How to Avoid HEATED Endings to Business Relationships

Withdrawing from a long-standing business relationship can result in litigation and, sometimes, liability for the withdrawing party….

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BUYER BEWARE: There Are Consequences To Ignoring Your Inspection Report

Paying attention to small details is critical when purchasing a new home. It turns out it is…

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CCPA Update – Compliance Statistics After One Year of Enforcement and the AG’s “Consumer Privacy Tool”

In little more than a year since the California Attorney General’s Office began enforcing the state’s landmark…

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CCPA Blog Series: Post No. 4 We Barely Got to Know You: How Prop 24 Changed the CCPA

In our first three posts on the CCPA, we discussed how its data privacy provisions might affect…

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Buckles, Clasps, and Other New Tools for Trademark Enforcement

Business that use trademarks or service marks now have a more powerful remedy against others who use…

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CCPA Blog Series: Post No. 2—Consumer Rights Under the CCPA

In our first post on the CCPA, we provided an overview of the CCPA and its many…

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CCPA Blog Series: Post No. 1—Introducing the CCPA

The CCPA is a hot topic among California businesses, but you may be wondering exactly what it…

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You Want To Scrape My What?!?! Public LinkedIn User Profile Data Can Be Gathered And Used By Third Parties

Who controls access to user data available online such as LinkedIn profiles? In hiQ Labs, Inc. v….

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I’ve Been Waiting Seven Months for My Copyright Registration. Is My Creative Work at Risk of an Infringement Suit?

If your business involves creating generating creative expressions (like books, photographs, or even websites) you probably already…

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