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Title Insurance and Escrow

We represent some of the nation’s largest title insurance and escrow companies, and their insureds, in a variety of litigation and non-litigation contexts. Specifically, we provide counseling and litigation support to our title insurance and escrow clients in conjunction with every aspect of their industries, including underwriting, coverage, claims analysis, claims handling, escrows (function, duties, and liabilities), and insurance bad faith. We also represent our clients’ insureds, which include individual homeowners, national lending institutions and everything in between, to resolve all types of real estate and title issues, both simple and complex, that are too numerous and unique to list. While our representation often includes pre-litigation efforts designed to efficiently resolve a dispute as soon as possible, we also routinely represent our clients in litigation, as both plaintiffs and defendants, through trial and appeal in federal and state courts.  Shareholders Michael “Tod” Fogarty, Michael Kuzmich and Kelley Lincoln serve as lead counsel in these matters, many of which have resulted in reported decisions that have nationwide import.