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Our litigation lawyers offer creative, strategic and practical advice to help our clients resolve legal disputes that invariably arise in today’s business world. We understand business. As business litigators, we understand the unique problems and obstacles that different businesses face. We always tailor our litigation services towards strengthening and protecting our clients’ businesses in the most efficient manner possible. We have a record of successful results in resolving disputes favorably for our clients before litigation is ever filed, through strategic discovery or pretrial motions once litigation is initiated, and in the courtroom and arbitration hearing room should the dispute proceed to trial. In today’s litigation world where many law firms rarely try cases anymore, we are an exception. Each year we try cases to decision before juries, judges and arbitrators.

Our track record includes successful litigation in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, banking and financial services, semiconductors, agribusiness, manufacturing, retail, software, securities, insurance and non-profits. We have defended clients against claims of $250 million and claims of $250,000. For the larger cases we have a deep bench of experienced litigators and can bring the necessary resources to successfully defend or prosecute the largest of cases for our clients. We are also adept at handling the smaller disputes that many businesses face. We know how to effectively and efficiently handle those lawsuits in a manner that will achieve our clients’ goals. We have experience before state trial and appellate courts throughout California, the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Central Federal District Courts of California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, FINRA and the American Arbitration Association, among other venues.

I tell new lawyers, ‘Make sure the work you are doing is about the client and never about you.’ Too much litigation becomes about the lawyers and how they feel in the heat of battle; the client and its interest get lost. Professionalism and exceptional litigation skills are not mutually exclusive. — Bob Swanson