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Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration

Boutin Jones Inc. offers sophisticated and experienced estate planning, probate and trust administration services. Our practice is focused on planning for large estates and estates operating a wide variety of closely-held businesses, such as farms and ranches, real estate management and development, construction, technology, automotive and food services, among others.  We learn about individuals, their assets, family and vision for the future to ensure that personal estate planning goals are met. Our group prides itself on developing creative solutions to help clients minimize taxes and achieve their estate planning goals. Our objective is to offer the best estate planning, probate and trust administration services building on our tax expertise and utilizing cutting edge estate planning techniques to assist clients in passing their wealth and family businesses to future generations.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of assisting people through a difficult stage. – Stacey Brennan

I help clients make a roadmap for their future. We organize the decisions that need to be made, but we also look at how relationships can impact the success of their future plans. – Kent Silvester