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Real Estate

Central Valley farmers have trusted Boutin Jones’ real estate team to successfully sell and acquire tens-of-thousands of acres of farm and ranch land. Whether it’s a sale from one farm operation to another, or from a farmer to a developer or investor, our team understands the issues and moving pieces that must be addressed in an agricultural property transfer. We know the importance of both reserving and obtaining rights when selling off or acquiring ag land, and have extensive experience addressing access and drainage rights, joint-use and maintenance rights, mineral rights and crucial water rights. When necessary to make sure that important water assets are properly preserved or transferred, we partner with water rights experts with whom we have worked for years. Conservation easements and mitigation banks are other areas of expertise where we have earned quite a reputation. Whether land is used to farm crops, graze cattle or plant orchards, we prepare and negotiate leases that benefit our clients. Our real estate team enjoys working with farming clients on agricultural transactions, and we are often referred work from within the farming community based on the strength of our agribusiness relationships.