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Our litigators are routinely chosen by California rice growers, commodities companies, farmers and property owners when their futures are at stake. Our ag-based trial work has taken us from Placer, Yolo, and Solano Counties to the Middle East, and many places in between, and resulted in consistently positive results for our clients. One such result was a $2.3 million jury verdict that was awarded to our client by a Placer County jury in a case involving a disputed rice purchase. We have also negotiated many favorable settlements that keep our agribusiness owners out of the courtroom and where they want to be—in the rice fields, vineyards and processing plants that support their families. We account for the role that insurance, including crop and commercial general liability insurance, plays into an agribusiness litigation matter, and we understand the unique financing that pertains to agribusiness, such as crop liens. Our litigators have a broad understanding of the unique relationships that exist in agribusiness (for instance, between a grower, packer, processor and distributor) and how that interplay often factors into whether disputes lead to the courtroom or get resolved.