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Estate Planning, Tax and Succession Planning

For decades, agricultural families have been coming to the attorneys at Boutin Jones for estate planning and tax and succession planning. The challenges of preparing for the generational transition of a farming operation is one that our estate planning lawyers have met many times over with creativity, skill and diplomacy. We listen carefully to family founders who have built a farm or other agribusiness to understand their wishes for the future of their farm. We consider tax law, charitable contributions and business operational issues, and we find solutions that avoid family friction by developing a plan for a successful transition—whether that means handing down a farm to all or part of the next generation, selling property, creating leases and crop share arrangements or paying for outside management. In short, in order to head off future problems before they occur, we help determine who in the next generation will lead the family business into the future, and who won’t, and then tackle the question of how all family members will be fairly treated and compensated. Boutin Jones has handled estates valued at over $500 million and has earned the trust of many of the region’s most successful farms, wineries, orchards, processors and packers.