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Growers, ranchers, winemakers, milling operators, feed manufacturers and distributers have employment law issues that are unique to agribusiness and require employment law advice from a team experienced within the industry. Whether it’s tackling the different wage and hour and overtime regulations that apply to farmworkers, responding to Department of Homeland Security audits, conducting I-9 verification, or handling immigration and customs enforcement actions, our employment lawyers have the needed experience to counsel agribusinesses on human resources issues. We also help agricultural clients in the same way we help any business owner—we provide practical legal advice on ever-changing employment laws. We work with claims of harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other complaints, and we suggest solutions that keep farming operations running smoothly.

When employment disputes turn to litigation, we have a proven track record. In one instance, we helped a major farming organization defend itself against a variety of claims and prevailed on summary judgment on all causes of action. We’ve also negotiated numerous favorable employment settlements that were to the advantage of our farming clients and allowed them to move past claims in an efficient manner.

In sum, our agricultural clients have a full-service employment group that is always prepared to help with HR triage, advice, investigation and, if necessary, litigation.