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At Boutin Jones, our roots as a homegrown law firm in Sacramento’s Central Valley have made us a natural partner with the region’s agricultural businesses. We have a keen understanding of the unique nature of these businesses, which have to navigate a complex blend of issues including family ownership, generational shifts, real estate growth, weather patterns, consumer trends and relentless hard work.

Our agribusiness clients reflect the rich diversity of the population and agriculture of our region as well as the global scope of their reach. Our clients include the world’s largest prune grower, the fourth-largest seed producer in the world, a top 20 USA wine company, an international commodities company, regional cooperatives, family wineries, orchard developers, rice growers, tomato growers and solar farms.

We are proud to be the lawyers that so many agribusinesses trust.

Agriculture is an industry that’s integral to our region. The companies are sophisticated and often have global reach, and the people that make up the companies are hard workers who are always thinking about the next generation. – Bob Swanson

My job when working with farming families is to ensure the family is positioned so there won’t be problems down the road. I give parents the tools to make things fair for their children who are the farmers and those who are not. – Kent Silvester